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Bounce House and Tent Rental

Belchertown MA 01007

(413) 455-0744

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Tent Rental in Belchertown MA

Bounce House Rental in Belchertown MA

Bounce House and Tent Rental of Belchertown MA

(413) 455-0744

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Tent Rentals Belchertown MATent_Rentals_Belchertown_MA_-_01007.html
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SnoCone Machine


The perfect treat to cool you down on a sunny day!
The SnowCone machine is a breeze to use. Simply run your ice cubes through the machine and watch
perfectly shaved SnowCone slush appear!

(Please note, customer must provide ice.)

Need supplies? For only $14.95 we will provide
2 different flavored syrups and cups for 55 guests! 

Cotton Candy Machine


The cotton candy machine will provide a sweet nostalgic treat for your party guests. The cotton
candy machine and cart is easy to use! Simply swirl your cone around and watch it turn into a perfect sugary snack right before your eyes!

Need supplies? For only $14.95 we will provide
cotton candy sugar and cones for 55 guests! 

Hot Dog Steamer


The hot dog steamer is a great addition to any cookout. Why waste your time standing over the
grill making hot dogs during your party when you
can have this machine do all the work for you.

Plus, your guests will be raving over the perfectly steamed hot dogs and buns!

Frozen Drink Maker


This machine is sure to be a highlight of your party! Simply add your own ice into the top of the frozen drink maker, your mix of choice into the blender and press the “shave/blend” button - it will create perfect ice for frozen drinks and mix it together all in one step! This machine can be used for alcoholic
or non-alcoholic drinks depending

on what you add to the blender pitcher.

Popcorn Machine


Everyone will enjoy this classic favorite!

This 4 oz. stainless steel kettle will keep tasty treats popping out for your party guests all day long!

Need supplies? For only $14.95 we will provide
enough popcorn and bags for 55 guests!

Extra Large
Popcorn Machine


Extra popcorn for extra fun! This party
favorite will keep everyone happy and the
tasty treats will keep popping out for your
party guests all day long!

Need supplies? For only $14.95 we will provide
enough popcorn and bags for 55 guests!

on Your 
Rental with 

Extra Large Event Grill


This is the grill you need when cooking for a large group of people! Don’t spend hours of extra time cooking cheeseburgers and hot dogs in small batches! With this 8 burner grill you can fit over 100 hot dogs or over 60 hamburgers! This grill provides over 1,000 square inches of cooking space, plus an additional 1,000 square inches of shelf space for prep, storage and serving.

Please note that this grill requires 2 propane tanks.

Propane Tank Rental - $20 per Tank

Rent An Extra Day...
1/2 Price!