Dunk Tank Rentals

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Dunk Tank Rentals are starting to be more popular as residents of Belchertown MA witness first-hand how fun they are and how much attention they bring from people attending functions and events where they are booked at in surrounding areas. We have booked them at many community fundraisers, at corporate fun days, youth events, family and company picnics and backyard BBQs. Everyone gets into the fun of watching a participant get dunked and people of all ages volunteer to be dunked especially on hot summer days. We currently only have two dunk tanks in our inventory so we suggest that if you want to have this fun unit at your next party or event that you book it early so that you can be sure it is reserved just for you on your special party date.

Dunk tank rentals are easy to rent from PartyRentalsinBelchertownMA.com; just give us a call and the staff member who answers will give you all the necessary details. All of our units are clean and checked to be sure they are in good condition prior to each booking. You can also rest assure that we are fully licensed and insured for everyone’s protection. When you call to book your dunk tank rentals in Belchertown MA ask about our discount for package deals to save you more money when you provide your guests with additional fun rental units such as our bounce houses and obstacle courses that go well with our dunk tanks. One thing you should know about dunk tank rentals is that the renter supplies the water and is responsible for emptying the water after the event and before the tank is returned.

Kids of all ages appreciate dunk tanks at parties and events and they add a certain amount of excitement and can generate interaction between guests, which is important for events such as youth group functions, and reunions. They are also real crowd pleasers and can increase attendance at fundraisers and auctions. Dunk tanks are fun to have at end of year team events to reward athletes. Community events are also particularly suited for dunk tank rentals as important celebrities can really draw a crowd when they are the one being dunked. Give us a call today to reserve a dunk tank rental for your party or event in Belchertown MA.

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